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Animated explainer video

It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. While video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

Animated explainer video

Video Solutions

We Specialize in animated explainer Video

We invite you to explore our pre-developed video presentations and select one or more we can customize for your business.  Or we can create a video presentation uniquely designed for your business.


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Video Presentations

How important is video to business marketing strategy.

The most important business strategies in content marketing today requires video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social media for your business is video. Period.

It does not matter what you’re selling, no matter what your company does, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy for your social media marketing, you are going to lose ground to your competitors. And in case you haven’t noticed, the platforms of distribution for video content online have shifted drastically over the last 2 years. Facebook is getting more daily minutes watched than YouTube, Snapchat’s daily views are now in the billions, and video on Twitter has taken listening and one to one branding to a whole new level.

We do not take videos, we make the videos you take look better.

Got a video that requires some professional styling?
Let us use one of our video style to jaz up that business video.

Need a doodle video for social media marketing?
No problem, we do doodle videos. 

Have some images to convert into a business video?
We do that. We convert images into powerful slide videos.

Need an Business animated video for marketing?
We do that. We produce cartoon style business videos.

Explore and choose a video

Choose a video from our featured collection and we will customize it for your business.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Predesign gives more

While creating a video used to take many months and cost thousands of dollars, we have made the production of great video content much more affordable with our pre design videos. Just provide us with your content and will customize the desired video to match your needs. 

Video offers Higher Engagement
We’ve heard over and over that visual content is the key to great engagement. Video is no exception. So when you’re considering what types of posts to schedule on social networks in the coming weeks, think video: audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts.

Video makes Stronger Emotional Connections
Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions online. It’s King because it offers a slew of attributes above and beyond traditional content like tone of voice, face expressions, and music, to name a few.  While you may not have feel the immediate need to run out and buy a product from an emotion-filled video, they will likely be at play later on in a more subtle and subconscious way.

We have several video animation that cost thousands to product but we can customize them for your business for  very low fee. Give us a call: 416 894 7217

Videos convert better than any other content

The number one reason for using video in your content marketing plan? Video converts more customers. Simple, right? Recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Need we say more?


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