What does affordable web design mean to client and designer?

What is “affordable” anyway?

The word “affordable” can be interpreted in different ways by different people, so “affordable web design” might mean different things to different people. This is why I included a variety of options and pricing, but I’m assuming the average affordable web designer is under $500 and for some, affordable means FREE.

Most people will be able to get an affordable website using one of the options above. For some people, however, a custom website may be needed to achieve the look they desire. Getting quotes on web design can be a bit scary, since you don’t know what a fair price is and it’s not always easy to find reputable web designers.


Looking For An Affordable Website?

Since 2000, I’ve built over 300 websites, most of which were under $800, so I know a thing or two about affordable websites. We should clarify what the term “affordable” means before discussing some options for affordable web design. It simply means “cheap” or “reasonably priced”, so if you’re trying to find an affordable web designer, you may wonder what web design should cost so that you get a good deal.


How Much Should a Website Cost?

Typically, a simple informational website with fewer than 10 pages can be created for $500-1,000. Adding 10 more pages would add $1,000 to the project, so you can estimate $100 per page. The following is just a rough estimate to see whether your web designer is charging you a reasonable price. 

Is it difficult to find an affordable website design agency or inexpensive business website design? Are they the kind that have a well-designed website and logo design and know how to generate leads? It’s not just you.

It may surprise you to know there are thousands of other business owners just like you looking for the same thing. What is the biggest problem?

I have some really great news, but there is no simple answer. Every affordable web design agency on earth can be tested. Find out whether what they offer is any good by checking out their website.

I will go through a few questions point by point in the paragraphs below. Before you even call the first agency, you should answer these questions. I designed these questions to help you think through the process of building your website. In order to have a productive conversation with a digital agency, I want you to be fully prepared.

So let’s get started, and where else would you start than at the beginning? What are the first questions you need to ask yourself? 


Question #1: Why do you need a website?

Any small business owner or sole proprietor will tell you that their company needs a professional website, and that they want it designed by professionals. Their answer to why they need a website sounds something like this.

“I just know I have to.” or “So people can find me online.”

A website isn’t magic and every small business owner runs into this challenge. Once you get a website online, it won’t automatically generate leads. The only way you can make them work is to create them with a personal plan and specific business objectives in mind. Hundreds of websites offer cheap, custom designs. What is the best way to know if it will work for our business?

The first step in creating a website is understanding why you need one in the first place. There are many business owners who shell out tens of thousands of dollars for websites that aren’t much more than glorified digital billboards. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap. 


Question #2: What do you want it to do? 

To answer this question, you should use the question above as an outline. There are several things that most business owners hope a website will accomplish for them. Here’s what we typically hear when we talk to new customers at Fusion Creative.

  • *Give my business credibility online.
  • *Bring in new customers
  • *Facilitate conversations between potential customers and your business online
  • *Showcase our products/services
  • *Make it mobile friendly and accessible on all mobile devices

No matter what you want to achieve with your website, you can do it. You can only achieve those goals if you go into the design phase with an end in mind.


Question #3: Who is this inexpensive website design for?

To create a successful website, you must know your audience. Let’s say you want to sell affordable cleaning services to stay-at-home moms through your website. This will be a very different site from others. An online store targeting men in their 20’s should look very different from one aimed at women.

When you want to get inexpensive custom website design, you should know the audience in advance. It is one way to take the first step toward success.


Question #4: What do you want it to look like?

Does the website enhance the brand of your company? If you do not already have a brand, it would be a wise idea to start by creating one. Before you hire a website designer, figure out the brand of your company. Look for a brand design specialist if you want your company and social media to look sharp. Don’t overlook the target audience on your website.

Question #5: How would you like to be involved in the process?

What level of involvement would you like to have during the building process? There will be a lot of decision-making involved in creating the site. Are you interested in receiving daily updates on the project? The price will depend on your involvement.

A general rule of thumb is that the less you get involved in the process, the less you’ll have to pay. WAIT!

I will explain what I mean by that. An affordable website design professional will price your website based on the amount of time it takes. One of the most common questions is:

“How long will it take me to design this person’s website?”.”

A content form is typically required by website designers to get information about your website. Once they have that content, they will plug it into a system and design a site based on your requirements.

If you decide on a website builder for small business, most subscriptions are per design. You’ll want to find what each plan costs and if there are any hidden fees, then decide what works best, as well as which are the cheapest plans. 

If you’re looking to be more involved in the process, it usually means customization. A custom designed website is always more expensive than a site based on a standard design layout.

Answering these questions will help narrow down what type of site you ultimately want for your business.

The extent to which you would like to customize your website needs to be discussed up front. Don’t demand a complex design where you approve every line of code after the contract is signed. Excellent communication up front can save a lot of headaches throughout the process. Make sure you both have the same expectations heading in.

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