Are you thinking about designing a website? Here is what you should do before Beginning Your Website Design It sounds like a straightforward task since almost every business has an online presence nowadays.

However, there are certain points that one must follow before beginning their website design. If you do not take care of these things, you might hurt the customer perception; thus, suffering from lower sales conversion for ample time.

  1. First Things First, Establish The Aim Of Your Website
  2. Research Is Extremely Important
  3. You Must Know Your Target Market
  4. Decide On The Layout And Theme Of The Website
  5. Choose A Domain Name Wisely
  6. Plan Your Pages And Create Them One By One
  7. You Must Get SEO Savvy
  8. Incorporate Images In The Website
  9. Create A Unique Logo
  10. Set A Deadline For Yourself

Top Ten Things To Do Before Beginning A Web Design

If you are building a website for the first time, you will need to get hold of some new things. It requires patience, practice, and plenty of planning.

We have pulled together our top ten things that you must do before beginning your website design. Keep reading to find out more:

1.      First Things First, Establish The Aim Of Your Website

Different websites have different aims. Some are created only to create awareness among the public about the business. On the other hand, some are created to sell a business’s products and services.

Some businesses also create websites to showcase their work to the world. Thus, you must identify why you want to build a website before stepping into the digital realm. A clear aim will help you throughout the designing process.

2.      Research Is Extremely Important

Here is something else your should do before Beginning Your Website Design
Here is something else your should do before Beginning Your Website Design

You must also have a look at websites of other businesses that are operating in your field of business. You can identify the ones you like and take notes regarding style and layout if you feel that will work for you too.

Always remember that you can only take the idea of someone’s website; you cannot and should not copy anyone’s copyrighted property.

3.      You Must Know Your Target Market

Here is something else your should do before Beginning Your Website Design. When we enter the digital realm, we aim to increase business awareness and get convertible leads. The first step for achieving this goal is to identify your target audience. It will not only inspire your theme but overall website layout.

It will also help you identify how your content should be, the tone of your content, the usability of the website, and search engine optimization strategy.

We will cover search engine optimization in the latter section, but a target market and audience are critical for SEO. In other words, everything will revolve around the targets that you aim for.

4.      Decide On The Layout And Theme Of The Website

Having done the research and choosing a target market and audience, you must know how your website should look like. Most of the time, people already have a clue about the design they want. However, to stay heads-up on this, you can make a few sketches on how the ideas will align together

5.      Choose A Domain Name Wisely

A domain name is something that you cannot change after every Saturday. Once you have it, you will need to stick to it. Thus, you should always pick something short, easy to remember, and something that catches your audience’s attention.

You get only one chance with a domain name, so you must ensure that you get it right. If you are making a website for your business, you must choose a domain name that incorporates your business’s name.

6.      Plan Your Pages And Create Them One By One

You must plan your website properly, but it is important to take it to step by step. You cannot plan the whole website in a day; thus, you must start by planning one page at a time.

There are several things that you must consider while planning and creating the web pages. You should know the purpose of each page. What does it communicate with the visitors?

What is the selling point of this page? How many pages that you need to create in the beginning? And what content will each of the pages hold? These are some of the things that you need to think about. It will require time, but you need to ensure that you make a website that holds your visitor’s attention. Here are things you should do before you hire a web designer

7.      You Must Get SEO Savvy

Here is what else your should do before Beginning Your Website Design. Now that you have planned and created your website, the big question is, “how are people going to know about this website?”

Search engine optimization is the ultimate answer. It will help if you considered various things, including keyword integration, backlinking of the website, concise explanation of the content, and optimizing content according to the search engine’s requirement.

In addition to that, you can take help from Google Ads for advertising your website to the right audience at the right time.

8.      Incorporate Images In The Website

If you are thinking of not incorporating any images into your website, imagine how boring this website will be! You can get your images all prepped up by the time when you are all pulling your pages together. Images must not be copied. They must be authentic and genuine.

9.      Create A Unique Logo

Now’s the time to create a logo. If your website is linked to a business, then you must have a logo for it. You can use that logo because that logo will already be popular among your target audience. However, if you start with something new, ensure that your logo is relevant to your business.

10. Set A Deadline For Yourself

Our most important advice for web designing is that you must set a deadline for each task; web designing can take days and months if it is not planned correctly. Thus, you must set a deadline for each task and follow it properly.


In this article, you learned about numerous aspects that you need to think about before beginning designing your website. It is not just a matter of presenting an idea, and boom, the website is made! It is, in fact, a lengthy process of setting goals, researching, planning, creating, marketing, and making it unique.

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