It is important to be aware of the latest web design trends when planning your website design.  In the evolution of science and technology, things around the world have changed dramatically. We no longer need to stick to our basic habits because everything is getting digitalized. We now have more comfort and ease in our lives.

There was a time where we used to go to brick-and-mortar stores to select and buy whatever we needed for our homes, such as groceries, toiletries, clothes, and any other item we wished to purchase. But since everything is now moving online, we have been doing it through our phones with a couple of clicks. However, there is also a downside to it, not for consumers but for businesses, which is too much competition.

Businesses have recognized the changing behaviors of consumers around the globe. They know that people do not wish to get out of their comfort zones to get what they need. These consumers are too busy or maybe too lazy to leave their house to perform certain tasks. That is why most organizations have taken up residence online so they can cater to those customers who prefer to go about their business from the comfort of their homes.

With this new era in E-commerce comes ease of doing business. However, due to the abundance of competition, websites need to be appealing to the eye to stand out in the online market, and website owners need to keep a lookout on the latest trends of web designs to achieve it. The design element is crucial, and so is following the latest trends too.

In this blog, we will talk about the latest trends in web design in 2021. if your are interested in the best web design principles 

latest web design trends

latest web design trends

latest web design trends in Retro fonts

We have seen that baggy jeans and handlebar mustaches are an ancient thing, but they spur up in the fashion trends, making their mark in the modern world again. Similarly, there is certain vintage typography that was considered a thing of the past. However, this year it has risen from the ashes as big companies have opted to use those dazzling fonts to make their websites look funky and attractive.

Retro fonts have experienced the same as mommy jeans in the ’70s. They have come back in style; these fonts have different stylization and artistic appeal.  As 2021 unfolds, we will see more of these trendy fonts featuring numerous websites, changing the way we designed our web pages.

Parallax scroll animation is the latest web design trends

Parallax has been quite popular throughout the years however it remains as one of the latest web design trends. They have been a part of web designs for years, but in 2021 designers are using it creatively.

However, note that such a design can be problematic for people suffering from vestibular disorders because the illusion of depth and movement can cause the users to feel disoriented and dizzy. So be careful with parallax. Here are a few points that you can follow while incorporating them into the web page:

Don’t allow parallax effects to distract the user from the primary information on the page.

  • Allow an accessible, user-friendly web page that slows them to fulfill their tasks easily
  • Keep the parallax effect to a minimum
  • Add parallax effect on the small portion of the screen
  • Add in an option where your users can turn off the parallax effect

Not every parallax animation application has to have grand gestures across the screen; subtle ones can do wonders to make your web page look appealing too. In 2021, we will see the effect is used to highlight important information on the web page.

Horizontal scrolling is the latest web design trends

This type of scrolling is coming back in 2021. We are seeing more and more websites using this type of design and are continuing to experiment with horizontal scrolls.

The websites that have this type of design usually do it to improve user experience. It allows them to disclose secondary information, much like it is in the image gallery. Therefore, make sure to:

  • Give users alternative ways to navigate, such as with arrows and buttons
  • Add visuals to indicate where content has a horizontal scroll
  • Choose wisely the kind of content that will look appealing in a horizontal scroll, such as pictures or 3D animations.

3D visuals

3D animations and 3D animation videos have taken the web design to another level. These latest web design trends are an excellent way to catch the consumers’ attention.

You can achieve anything with the help of good graphics. Incorporating those graphics in explainer videos can be very intriguing and may engage the customers on the web page for longer than usual, which can lead to better sales. 3D visuals are by far the most popular design one can employ on their web page.

Multimedia experience

Everybody now has fast internet; therefore, a designer can enhance their web design to enrich those who visit the page. They can bring together visuals, texts, audio, or short explainer videos to add to the page.

In 2021, the best web designs will:

  • Prioritize simplicity when combining text with audio
  • Use different media formats to create more accessibility
  • Ensure all text is made with HTML rather than rendered inside images
  • It will avoid auto-playing video or other content

Augmented reality (AR) experience

With multimedia experiences, AR can be quite a feel for the users. For those who do not like stepping into the stores to catch the natural feel of a product, AR comes into play and allows users to experience the product through their website.

For example, you want to get a car and want to get a feel of it before stepping inside a car dealership. Therefore, AR will allow you to sit in the car virtually and give you an idea about the vehicle.



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