8 Principles of Effective Web Design


The world has evolved due to science and technology. Our lives have become heavily reliant on digital means due to the advancement in technology. Everything around us is digitalized. We used to visit stores physically to buy that dress we liked on display while crossing the street, or we would go to the closest grocery store to get milk for the children. However, all these shopping and brick and mortar stores are becoming a thing of the past; while they still exist, people have changed their way of living.

Fortunately, most businesses have recognized the need for the hour; they know that consumer patterns are changing, and they are changing at a rapid pace. Many of the customers don’t feel like getting up from their couches, putting on boots, fetching an umbrella to beat the bad weather, and go to a store to buy whatever they need. Nor do they have time because of professional commitments and how busy life has become. Moreover, the time they get, they tend to spend it scrolling social media feeds, watching videos, or something similar.

Effective Web Design

8 Principles of Effective Web Design

8 Principles of Effective Web Design

These customers want easy access to commodities, and now that is possible through online stores and websites. Most of the businesses have their websites and online stores that allow customers to browse through their catalog from the comfort of their home or office and make purchases that will take half the time. However, with convenience comes numerous other challenges for businesses. Even though these companies are providing a comfortable user experience, they are also drowning in competition.

Then how do these businesses engage a potential customer on their website and make sure they stay there to know about their services or maybe buy a product? Well, web designs have a crucial role in achieving that. The web design must be so engaging and captivating that it stands out from the rest of your competition and compel the user to take action. Sometimes, adding explainer videos to your web page can create enough engagement, resulting in a healthy conversion rate.

In this blog, we will highlight the 8 principles Effective Web Design that will help your website to stand out.


1.   Balance

When designing a website, you have to balance visual weight among all the elements that go into the design. Balance concept refers to the distribution of that weight on a vertical axis, which helps achieve a conceptual harmony in the design. You have to make sure that no single element overshadows the other, which means no item looks insignificant on the website. There are three types of balance.

Symmetrical balance: this type of balance is a mirror image like a butterfly in half. It refers to the equal distribution of weight on both the left and the right sides of the web page. It is how you achieve consistency and refined web design.

Asymmetrical balance: it refers to an unequal but balanced distribution of elements that brings an interesting touch to the design.

Radical balance: the focus of this design rests on the center point rather than on a line.

2.   Unity

In this principle, unity refers to the togetherness of objects that have similar characteristics. Elements that look alike are almost always placed together.; The elements that are different from each other are normally placed at a distance, so the website design does not look bizarre. Placing together objects that are relatable to each other creates cohesiveness in the website design, making it look pleasing to the eye.

3.   Contrast

We often mix contrasting colors in our outfits to stand out and make a fashion statement, but contrast is not just limited to colors; it can also cover round and sharp shapes, negative and positive shapes, and smooth and rough textures that can be placed together to make the page look exciting and creative.

4.   Rhythm

It is a very important aspect, as it refers to your website’s roadmap that allows your eyes to move past from one design element to the other. The pattern creates synchronization and is not hot-potched all over the website, which looks unpleasant to the eye. Users like to experience a smooth rhythmic feel when they scroll through the website.

5.   Space

When designing a website, some areas on the web page need to be left blank. It is because the eyes need some time to rest up. Suppose the website is cluttered with information, pictures, and animated videos. In that case, the user will feel smothered and confused and may leave the page.

6.   Rule of thirds

It is a principle of Effective Web Design associated with pictures. It is when you break down a web page with a 3×3 grid, i.e., equal blocks. The significant design elements should be kept on the line or touch an intersection point. The points of intersections are those areas where the eyes are automatically drawn towards.

7.   Color schemes

The colors you choose will have a great impact on the design of your website. People are attracted to colors. If you have a plain and simple website, it will give off a boring and very corporate vibe that may not be suitable for a funky jewelry website, for example. That is why matching the right kind of colors with the website’s theme is essential in keeping your customers engaged and glued to the page.

8.   Fonts

You may not realize, but fonts play a huge role in making your website aesthetics. If you choose fonts that are difficult to read, you will lose engagement in seconds. So choose fonts like Verdana and Arial; they are your safest bet.


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