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Affordable web design
Web design solution that is affordable and awesome
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MaxQ makes finding an affordable website easy. Just show us your preferred website style on the internet and we will design it. We believe in Quality design for an affordable price. And once finished we help you market your website.

01- Get a video
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Get an Affordable
Explainer Video
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The animated explainer video has become one of the most versatile sales and marketing mediums available for businesses. Modern customers prefer watching a short explainer video instead of reading time-consuming tutorials, guidelines, or explanations

02 - Get a Stunning website
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free gift for mrbusiness
You can do nothing without your visitors. Making your website attractive and striking and displaying it on different screens like phone, tablet or computer is only the minimum as a site needs to inspire people.
Here is a free Gift to Grow Your Business.

Go to and showcase your business.
Whether your business is purely online or you run a small local outfit, online business directories have a role to play in your marketing strategy and can be a powerful tool for increasing your business’ reach.

The advantages of adding your business to mrbusiness

A business directory is a searchable online registry or index of businesses, where listings are grouped according to a category or type.

Business directories collate and present the key information of the businesses listed within the directory in a readily digestible format. The purpose of business directories is to provide the user base with the information they need to become aware of, contact, locate and otherwise interact with businesses.

The information shown in a directory regarding a given business will normally include the business name, address and contact details, opening hours, photos, inbound links to the business website, and directions. Depending on the directory, listings may also include user functions such as the option to review the business or share information about it on social media platforms such as Facebook.

While features and functions may very from directory to directory, the principal function of all business directories is essentially the same.

Upgrade to premium when we design your site

When we design your new website we will naturally upgrade your listing on free. We will also upgrade your listing on all our other directories that relate to your business free.

We offer Affordable website design

What You Should Do Before Beginning Your Website
  1. First Things First, Establish The Aim Of Your Website
  2. Research Is Extremely Important
  3. You Must Know Your Target Market
  4. Decide On The Layout And Theme Of The Website
  5. Choose A Domain Name Wisely
  6. Plan Your Pages And Create Them One By One
  7. You Must Get SEO Savvy
  8. Incorporate Images In The Website
  9. Create A Unique Logo
  10. Set A Deadline For Yourself


Your Business deserves a great website

Our web designs are filled with sliders, para las  and dynamic animations that makes your website come alive and tell your business story.

Good design shows potential customers that you care about what you do; that you are invested in it. It shows them that you are a professional. The point is you can be the best at what you do, but if your website doesn’t make you look like the best, you’re not going to get the business you deserve.

That is why we provide affordable website design to make your business look good.

How we offer High quality for less

We special in crafting, engaging and aesthetically powerful website that creates a meaningful customer experiences that elevate brands to achieve unprecedented growth for less, much less.

Affordable web design

Affordable web design

We’ve been pushing web design boundaries since 1999. Over the years we’ve developed a process that helps us efficiently design websites that capture your audience and cost less by reusing predesign websites.

Your Website Planning process

The first thing that happens when we get an enquiry is we send the potential client a website planner. The website planner has a series of questions we have listed in a Word document togather requirements for the project. The key objectives of the planner is to:

  • Find out who the client is and what they do
  • Who their target market/user is.
  • Who their competition is.
  • What deliverables they want,
  • Timeframe and budget

The Website Planning Process
After sending the planner we will get back a list of answers that created a pattern and a vision of what you want to achieve from your website. From here we will write up the brief for the project.

Research Who is your client?
The answer to this question is what is use to help us design the website. This way, I can see who they are and what they do.
To achieve their goals we map their objectives to their website.

Research Who is your target market?
If you are a business or a start-up, who do you think will be your ideal customer of your product/service? Understanding who your target audience is helps us to make necessary design decisions.

Research Who is your competition?
Start by identifying your competitors. There are a few websites like yelp which can help you find Local Services similar to yours in your area that are likely to be your competitors. Which of those services are perceived as direct competitors? We can learn what they are doing and improve on it.

Research What do you want from the website?
What features do you want to include?
What services/products/services do you offer?
We encourage clients to ask them self these questions. We find that an exercise in gaining an understanding of the features you want is the best way to discover potential obstacles. The number of user click throughs can give clues as to what features are more trouble than they’re worth, while timeframes and budgets can provide insight into the resources that will be required.

What technologies are needed?
We design the website by utilizing the best available technology that fits the clients needs and budget. Today’s websites are best developed using content management systems such as WordPress. This makes future modification easy for the clients.

What is the timeline for the website?
You provide us with the date you would like to launch your website and we will do everything to have your site ready and launched prior to the deadline date.

What is the budget for the website?
Based and the clients need and the required technology we create budget based on the degree of difficulty and the time it will to complete the website.

That is why we provide affordable website design to make your business look good.

Replace your olden with a golden website
But just as bad as no site is that tired old dejected website that let you down in every way. It does not match your commitment to excellence. Replace that old website with a website that is always on the job and offers the best impression all the time.

The first impression can make or break the acquisition of that new client visiting your old website. In essence, great website design is very important because it has an impact on how much money you will make.

Get a quality website built for performance. Your site will look like a state of the digital art profile and will perform excellently on both desktops and mobile devices.

We create intuitive, user-friendly websites that allow your visitors to remain in control and enable you to automate your business processes. From enticing call-to action to social media integration, we offer numerous intuitive features to engage your visitors with your website.

Let us Redesign your website using animated text and images to engage your audience. Along with improving the looks of your WordPress website we will add all the key components to better your site. Learn more.

Who we are

MAXQ s a Nassau term used to alert the team when only maximum efficiency is acceptable. When only the best solutions will meet your project needs contact MAXQSOFT. We provide

Affordable website Design

Affordable website design

Affordable website design

MaxqSoft is a full service web development & software firm. We were started with the commitment to provide effective web development services to small and mid-sized companies. Over the years, we have served numerous customers, both in USA and Canada.

We have been able to create an identity as a qualified, experienced and trusted “Web Developer”. We continuously strive to deliver the best value to our customers and help them succeed online. With a team of expert programmers, creative designers and process driven methodology; we deliver high quality web development services at competitive pricing. Learn More

Toronto web design
Affordable website design
low cost web design

Browse these 2 websites to find your perfect website look & feel.

Browser Layout Pack 1

World-class designs. Find a design and we will customize it.

Browser Layout Pack 2

World-class designs. Find a design and we will customize it.

affordable web design
Toronto affordable web design
Why a Great Affordable Website Design Can Get Your Business More Clients

Why a Great Website Can Get Your Business More Clients
In the heavily technology-reliant world today, a business cannot survive without a web presence. Therefore, a great website is important for your business to get you more clients. There is no doubt that a website can work as a helpful marketing tool for your business, and it does not cost you an arm and a leg.

A great website is accessible to your clients 24/7
A great website is accessible to your clients 24/7 and acts as a shop for your business’s services and products online. It is where you can share your vision and personal image. Through the website, your business can generate new clients and inquiries.

A good website can guarantee your business more clients, just like a poorly made website drives them away. Following are a few features an excellent website has that can benefit your business and generate more clients.

It Acts As a First Impression

Potential clients who do not know about your business at all will be looking at your website to get insight into your values, services, and products. If your website has been executed impressively, it will leave a great first impression on the clients. Your business only has a few seconds to leave an impression on the clients. Therefore, you must ensure it leaves a positive impact.
The website for your business must be designed to appeal to the clients. It should be easy to navigate and provide the clients with an optimal user experience. To sum it up, you must have a great website to ensure your clients and potential clients are left with a lasting impression. That is why we provide affordable website design to make your business look good.

It Builds Trust with Your Clients
Having a great website means your website is designed professionally. It is not outdated and has all the updates regarding your business that the clients must know. Clients trust updated websites that have all the recent information about the services and products they are looking for.
Having a great website is an efficient way to build trust with your clients. This can prompt new, potential clients to visit your online space. Therefore, your business can get new clients. Building trust is imperative as it helps spread the word around about your business, its authenticity and creates more opportunities for generating new clients.
It Offers Customer Service Online
Great websites provide clients with online customer service. It offers answers to any questions the clients may have and has an FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions). Clients who visit your page for the first time should be able to get more information about your business. You can ensure it by giving the visitors an option of live chat with a customer service representative.
It saves the clients’ time and your money. Every great website has online customer service available, which is a desirable feature for the clients.
It Allows You to Have a Wider Audience
With a great website, your business can attract a wider audience. Your business can reach out further and target more clients. Having a great website means it is Search Engine Optimized (SEO). If your website has good SEO, it will appear higher in search results. To ensure this, your website must have regular updates and put out fresh content consistently.
Having engaging content builds curiosity in clients and convinces them to stay on your website. By doing so, you can attract clients from far away as well.
It Has Appealing Visuals
Because it is online, a great website must have appealing visuals. This way, the clients who visit your business website can see your products and services in the most attractive manner. Updating the website with images and videos, explaining what your business offers is an excellent way of getting new clients.

Clients cannot see your products and services physically, so showing them what they look like in reality and what problems they will solve attracts them. It allows the clients to look at the products and services they are interested in and keep them engaged. Ensure there is a balance between product and service visuals and descriptions. It is vital you do not go overboard with the visuals on your website.

In conclusion, visuals such as images and videos are a great way of engaging clients and enhancing their experience on your business’s website. Without a doubt, you can get more clients by integrating visuals into your website.

It is Accessible to All
A great website is accessible to everyone around the world. People can access websites anywhere globally; they break the geographical barriers and find clients for your business from around the world. Moreover, great websites work on all platforms and gadgets equally well.

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With our website we include 2 free social media scroll stopper

There is so much content on the internet in general and on social media in particular that it often becomes challenging to stand out. Every post on social media needs a wow factor & our scroll stoppers forces users to stop and engage.

What are Scroll Stopper Videos?

The sole purpose of scroll stopper videos is to stop your social media audience from scrolling. The videos are designed to wow your social media audience by any means necessary. Hence, they may appear to defy logic because of some form of animations or characters that are out of place. Scroll stopping videos are ideal for grabbing the attention of your social media audience. Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions more.
At Maxqsoft, we create effective scroll stoppers for you that serve as attention-grabbing content for viewers on your social media pages. We have a few samples for scroll stopper Videos here. You can choose one for yourself, or you can also get one customized according to your requirements.

What Features You Need to Look For in a Great Website

With over a billion websites globally, we can safely say it is one of the best ways to establish an online or digital presence. However, not every website is great or efficient. Many websites perform poorly because they do not have the features needed to make them stand out and deliver.
There are certain features every great website has that make the administrator or user’s lives much easier. If you run a business, or your work is entirely dependent on how well your website performs. In that case, the following steps and incorporating these features into your website can significantly benefit you.

1. Ensure it is Well Designed and Functional
Your website reflects you, your company, the products and services you provide, and your values. Every great website has an updated, trendy design and the latest functions. Through a well-designed and highly functional website, you can establish a good reputation for yourself.
When we talk about a well-designed and functional website, we need to keep the users’ behavior in mind. Even though they appreciate a well-designed website, if they cannot make use of it properly or access the content they want to, they will not be happy with it. As important as it is for the website to be polished and neatly presented, so is the functionality.
A great affordable web design (website) is easy to navigate and fast. Your website should be able to perform speedily and not have any bugs or broken links, as these issues make the user lose interest within seconds.

2. Must Have Easy Navigation
Easy and straightforward navigation is one of the most vital features a great website has. Ensuring user experience is optimal on your website is imperative. Your users may not have enough time to go through each and everything on your website, and some might just be looking for a particular thing. Therefore, easy navigation helps them understand and access the information they need.
Users generally tend to prefer websites that have an easy-to-handle structure. To make sure your website is efficient, you need to consider what features you can include to make it easy to use. Using easily understandable language can help users navigate your website easily.
A few features you could integrate for easy navigation are an onsite search option and the first page’s menu option.

3. Must Have a Mobile Version
A great website is easily accessible and works efficiently on every platform. Mobile phones and tablets have become increasingly popular gadgets, and people around the world prefer accessing the internet on these handy devices over desktops. It is mainly because these gadgets allow users to access the online world from anywhere and on-the-go!
Therefore, your website’s layout must be optimized for these mobile devices as well. It should function well on these gadgets, just like it does on a desktop.
Furthermore, making a mobile version of the website can enhance user experience and significantly increase your SEO Rankings. Our affordable web design include all standard features and more.

4. Ensure the Website Has Quality Content
Users get bored quickly. To keep them interested and not leave your website, you must create high-quality and relevant content. The content you put on your website must be what your users are looking for. Engaging blogs, articles, videos, and images are an excellent way of keeping your users hooked.
Every great website has a separate blog section. If the content is SEO (Search Engine Optimized), your website will have a higher ranking in search engines and generate more traffic. It can significantly benefit your business.

5. Must Be Authoritative
To make sure your website is efficient, it must have a few authoritative pages such as FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), Terms & Conditions, Customer Support, Privacy Policy, and others. Such pages are essential, as users expect to extract all information when they visit a website.
These pages are of utmost importance if you wish to create an excellent website for E-commerce.

6. Ensure Website Has Browser Consistency
For a website to be great, it must be compatible with every browser. Many websites, even the most famous ones, fail to recognize this critical feature. Although it is not a prevalent issue anymore, some browsers still tend to have some inconsistencies. Therefore, it is essential for you to ensure that your website has excellent browser consistency.
It should be easily accessed across all browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
7. An Attractive Color Scheme
Although it may seem like a minor feature, an attractive color scheme is vital for your website to do great. The right colors, contrast, and scheme can make your website design look more appealing. Your text and background on the website should be ideally in contrast, as it makes reading the content more manageable and looks appealing to the user’s eyes.

To Sum It Up
Making sure your website has all of the features mentioned above is crucial. These features contribute to making your website stand out. There are a billion websites on the World Wide Web, and we have informed you of a few features that can make your website stand out.
A website with relevant information but poor execution, web design, functions poorly, and is slow can never achieve greatness. When you look for a great website, these features are what you should keep in mind. After all, user experience is the most crucial factor for any business. You can enhance the user experience considerably by implementing all of the features mentioned above!
Keep in mind that making the website look beautiful and ensuring it is easy to access and navigate can significantly benefit you. Do you want to make your website stand out too? To ensure you have an excellent website for yourself, implement these features in it and establish a web presence for your brand.
Creating a great website can sometimes be overwhelming, as you need to keep multiple things in mind. However, there is no doubt about how much traffic and profit a great website can generate for your business and brand! Our affordable web design include all standard features and more.

We’ll Show You How to Maintain Your Website

Our websites are designed using a wordpress content management system. We have spent a lot of time creating attractive looking web art and complex slider web animations that can easily be manged by the owner of the website. If cost savings are important to you once we complete the website we can train you on how to maintain it.


Ready To get an amazing website? Let’s us build it for you!