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Publish a world class Video site

An excellent way to generate revenue by it self or with a High traffic Blog or Magazine.

Perfect revenue generating
model to add to many websites
High Traffic Blog

It is super simple to use for
beginners to create a site in any industry

Build with power & flexibility to generate
revenue with video commercials

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Video is profitable

Remember the days when people looked in the hardcopy yellow pages for services they needed? Advertising a company in the yellow pages was very profitable. For many people, those days are still here but there has been a shift from print to digital to video advertising.

Publish a video site

A high traffic blog or online magazine can generate revenue by using our software to publish a video site of the same topic and drive traffic to it.  It’s easy to generate passive recurring revenue from paying members and also through running video commercials.

Video Site Features

Maxqsoft video site is packed full of features to add video entertain and monetize! Add videos by uploading them directly to the site or hosted on youtube, vimeo or dailymotion and then embedded on the video site. Manage your online video site with an intuitive interface.

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Many Uses for this Platform

Our video platform serves as a portal to educate, entertain & generate leads & Revenue in various industries, whether it be a virtual Trade shows, Church services, gaming, or music industry. The list of uses is infinite.

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Make money Sharing the best videos from youtube,

Create a niche video site embeding the best videos from youtube, vimeo & dailymotion. Drive traffic to the video site and use affiliate videos as commercials to generate revenue.

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Have a niche blog you are passionate about.

If you are passionate about an industry and already running a successful blog then you are a great candidate for using our video platform to generate revenue.

Some businesses are perfect candidates for generating revenue with a video site.
If your business does any of the following you are a good candidate;

  • publish a print or online Magazine,
  • Publish a print or online Newspaper
  • manage an Association
  • manage a Trade shows
  • organize Church

You can find several samples of our video websites: