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PIMP your website

P owerful

I nteractive

M arketing

P resentation

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Let us PIMP
Your Website

We help to create a

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Get Your old site

Redesigning Your old website
means getting more than a new
look. It’s about giving your visitors
exactly what they are asking for.

Let's walk through the steps
to get you started with your
redesign. Give us a Call Today.


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Powerful Animation

Let us add some compelling
creative animation to your
site to engage your clients.

We use cutting edge skills
to provide the smoothest
experience that’s possible,

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MAXQ s a Nassau term used to alert the team when only maximum efficiency is acceptable. When only the best solutions will meet your project needs contact MAXQSOFT. MaxqSoft is a full service web development & software firm. We were started with the commitment to provide effective web development services to small and mid-sized companies. Over the years, we have served numerous customers, both in USA and Canada. We have been able to create an identity as a qualified, experienced and trusted “Web Developer”.

We continuously strive to deliver the best value to our customers and help them succeed online. With a team of expert programmers, creative designers and process driven methodology; we deliver high quality web development services at competitive pricing.   Our Design Services team combines excellent web site designers and programmers with top notch customer service to give you the ultimate experience when you are ready to build your professional looking, small business web site or online store. We are both web developers & software consultants which means we and can help customers with specialized needs find the right solutions provider, at no charge.