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Your website will be engaging and appealing with standard video background & animated sliders.

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No website is complete without the right Video background to add aesthetic beauty & Appeal.

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Sliders are a dynamic way to guide & engage your viewers while getting them to take the desired action.

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MaxQ makes finding the right website easy. Browse our pre-make websites & select the style that is right for you and we will customize it with your words & images. provide us with your hosting account & we can have most websites ready in 2 weeks. Click the explore button to see your website.

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MaxQsoft video site (MVS) is an online allows Businesses, churches, magazines, newspapers, associations etc. to easily and quickly publish a complete, professional video website. The video site has a sophisticated management and control system, it is fully responsive and works on All Major Devices and Web Browsers.

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Get a Video magazine


MaxQsoft video site (MVS) is an online video site publishing software with Social Media features embedded that allows Businesses, churches, magazines, newspapers, associations etc. to easily and quickly publish a complete, professional video website. At its core, the video site is designed to generate revenue with multiple revenue generating streams. MVS is a categorized searchable gallery of videos with one click social sharing function. The video site has a sophisticated management and control system, it is fully responsive and works on All Major Devices and Web Browsers.


With MVS there is no need for the site owner to publish their own videos. The system allows the administrator & video contributors to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion. MP4/WebM videos can be uploaded directly on the MVS platform. The management system makes it easy for a beginner to control video addition, edit, update, and remove any video from the site. The videos are categorized & displayed by type of video & by month added. Visitors can signup free to like & pin video to playlist wall. Video contributors can add videos free or pay to add videos. There are 3 revenue generation method paid video contribution, commercials and featured videos.


When a visitor clicks on a video, to play it, a related commercial video will play for a given number of seconds prior to playing the requested video. The visitor has the option to skip the commercial after a few seconds and go directly to their desired video. The video application allows your contributors and the site owner to upload and run revenue generating commercials. Both site owner (Administrator) and contributors can utilize their own commercial video system to engage and promote their products or services to the video site audience. MVS Owners can charge a premium for contributing clients (account holders) to add videos and run their own commercials. The owner (administrator) can control and manage video commercials which are an excellent revenue generating stream.

How to Get a free video site?

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We will form revenue sharing partnership with companies or individuals how have internet assets that receive more than 40,000 page views per month. We also form partnerships with companies that have the potential to drive significant traffic due to their market presence or dominance in a niche.

Why videos say it best?

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It is because people are geared to respond and act more rapidly to videos.
Videos do not require a lot of thinking and relays faster to your customers’
minds. In fact, video commercials make the customers’ decision for them, which
will turn into positive business dollars for the business owner.
MaxQsoft video application uses video commercials, featured videos, video
addition and banner advertising to generate reoccurring revenue.

Featured Video Spotlight

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Yet another revenue stream! Help members showcase their videos by providing featured video
positions. When a featured video is set into rotation it will in time be seen in the video player
visible as soon as a user visits the site. ADMIN can charge a premium for Featured videos
spotlight positions. Featured spots are limitless but we recommend a maximum of 16. Selling
these valuable positions to your client base is easy. Your members will be pleased to know they
are purchasing a worthwhile investment. You only need to turn the feature video feature on for
the appropriate account type.

Who we are

MaxQ is a NASA term that means execute with maximum efficiency.  Our goal is to provide the absolute best service everytime. Maxqsoft is a full service website design company. We specialize in creating video magazines but we also create awesome websites.

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We will be utilizing the website to run a funniest home video content. Please come and watch and help to select the funniest home video in Ajax.

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The large number of people that will be visiting the website makes this a good advertising opportunity for companies who would like to reach a wider audience. Call us today:
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